Monday, July 13, 2009

Client of the Week!

I am on a roll...and it feels good! This whole appreciation thing is working for me! I have always considered myself a happy and positive person but I am realizing that that was more of a persona than the person. I am done lamenting about what I don't have and have really started to focus on what I DO have. It is such a happier place...

One of the things I am truly grateful for are the supportive and brilliant clients who allow me to contribute to their ongoing business development. I appreciate that a person's business is near and dear to their heart. It's not just a service or a product but a dream for their family, a journey they have committed to. My clients are small business owners who truly inspire me.
This week the Client of the week is Brooks Brush Clearing. I cannot say enough about the integrity and commitment that Mark and Julie Brooks bring to every job. They love their work and they love their customers. Julie is one of those people that you instantly want to be friends with and Mark is so committed to doing the right thing no matter what. They have a lovely family and I am honored to work for them. For more information about Brooks Brush Clearing go to
Look for more appreciation and gratitude (is that redundant?) right here!

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