Friday, July 10, 2009

Appreciating your Body

I recently had a medical scare, which never ever happens to me. I have been in the hospital three times (coincidentally I have three children). I don't have a primary care physician because I have never needed one. I don't go to the doctor. I see a GYN once a year for that wonderful annual experience that we women love so dearly and for my mammo. I am NOT a burden to the health care system.I never thought about it until now but I guess I am proud of that.
SO Sunday I find myself in the emergency room, hooked up to an IV, morphine blissfully easing the abdominal pain I am experiencing. A very uncomfortable CT scan later, there is no evidence of anything horrible. No appendicitis, no pancreatitis, tumors or anything serious like that. Apparently a cyst on my ovary had ruptured causing enormous pain but something I will recover from without any evasive procedures. Whew!

So now I am reflecting on how I view this body of mine. Not very well. I take it for granted at a minimum. Worse, I tell myself that I hate it. I do. I say that to myself all the time. This body that shows up day after day and serves me without pain or illness....I hate it because the shape is wrong. How absurd. I am turning a new leaf. It's time to have gratitude for a perfect body.

Why Are So Many Women Dissatisfied with Their Bodies?

How many women do you know who think their bodies are just fine the way they are? The sad fact is that we live in a world in which it has become normal for women to dislike their bodies, a world in which even healthy eight-year-old girls may worry about their size and shape.

This body has delivered 3 healthy beautiful babies, walked 60 miles for Breast Cancer, run a half marathon for Leukemia Lymphoma, carried hurt children to the car, lifted, pushed, crawled, jumped, skipped, hopped, run and walked on command.

It's time for a little appreciation! It is my intention to love my body - to reward it for all it has given me by taking better care of it. I will drop the extra 30 pounds I have forced it to carry for the last couple of years. How unfair is that!

Anyone care to join me?


Deanna said...

Hey there know that I am there with you..I am working on the final 12 lbs!

Rossetti Marketing said...

Thanks! Congrats...Time for me to shred! I joined Oakway Fitness and am going to hit the Lift 2Be Fit classes....

Thomas the Brave said...

I will join you. Lets start walking in the morning once you are well.