Monday, August 24, 2009

Client of the Week!

YAY! My favorite part of the week - I get to talk about the wonderful talented people I work with and give them a little plug...
This week I want to talk about The US Gymnastics Academy
The U.S. Gymnastics Academy (USGA) is a locally owned company. It all started with a dream of helping a former Olympic coach create a world class program right here in Eugene, just as he had done before in his home country of Bulgaria.

The facility is amazing and the coaches are top of the line. In fact, the head coach, Rosen Manilov, was the Bulgarian Men's Team Coach for the Sydney Olympics.
At the USGA children always come first. The aim is to develop in students a positive self-esteem by instilling the values of good sportsmanship, self discipline, respect and accountability.
programs range from "Mom & Me" and Pre-School classes to training Elite athletes, Personal Instruction, Tumbling and Home School Classes.


September 12th is National Gymnastics Day around the country. USA Gymnastics has for the past several years teamed up with Tyson Foods to support fitness for children and to raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network. USGA will be celebrating National Gymnastics Day on Sunday September 13th (Duck Football on the 12th!). We are hoping to have an exhibition at one of the local malls and to raise funds for CMN.
We will give you more details as we have them firmed up.
For more information visit

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fridays At Five

Summer has been awesome in Eugene and our networking group continues to thrive. Smaller groups mean more intimate discussions and the ability to ask for very specific referrals. We have enjoyed meeting new local tavern and wine bar owners and can't wait to visit the new sushi hot spot at 5th street market tonight! PURE! Sonny, the owner, is not only gorgeous (love the sparkly eye shadow - she should be on America's Top Model!!) but the food is outrageous and they obviously put a lot of work into their comfy space.

Please comment and suggest locations - criteria: LOCALLY owned, beer and wine served, and enough space for us to sort of "take over". Most places aren't that busy right at 5pm so this works in our favor. Believe it or not, I have only met two business owners int he 10 months we've been doing this who hadve said no thanks....WHHHAAATTT?!??! Are they Nuckin' Futs?! Why would you not want between 15 and 40 business owners coming in and spending money at your establishment? Some want to charge us for space...Id on't htink so.
Anyway - let me know (or my trusty assistant, Ashley) if you know of a spot for our group.
Here are just some of the FABULOUS spots we have visited Which was YOUR fave??):

The Broadway
Campbell House Inn
The District
Billy Macs
The Boulevard Grill
The Loft
Lavelle Winery
Sam's Place
Hop Valley Brewery
Midtown Lounge
Jo Feds (R.I.P.)
Lucky Noodle
Ring of Fire
Oregon Electric Station

More to come!


D :)