Thursday, September 24, 2009

 I had a fellow follow me today, on twitter, and being the good little social media maven that I am, I checked him out (I never just randomly follow people) by going first to his twitter profile, then to his blog.  Am I ever glad I did!

Terry Starbucker's ( philosophy is all about positivity. He has coined the phrase/term "half-fullism" as in the cup is half full. He says: "I’m a believer in what is sometimes called “the law of attraction” – that is, if I can put a positive enough vibe out there, laced with the possibilities of a path to happiness and fulfillment through a personal philosophy, and infused with encouragement and a genuine desire to help other people, then I can transfer some of that to those who read it."

Just really wanted to pass that along. Have a Full and happy day! :)


LizP said...

Thanks for posting that on FB. I started following his Twitter feed and shared the link with Thomas. We need more people focusing on what we *can* do!

Terry Starbucker said...

Thank you Denise for your very kind words. Yes, I'm on a bit of a quest here with my online and SM adventures; and I'm awfully glad our paths have crossed; I look forward to seeing you in Twitterville (and on this blog). Keep spreadin' the positivity!

Thanks again, and all the best.