Monday, September 21, 2009

Here I go again...

The big question out there in the blogosphere seems to be whether to blog about what people are interested in or to blog about what YOU are interested in??  This has been tough for me since I am very social and am truly interested in what everyone else is interested in....but that doesn't necessarily translate to an ability write about those topics. So I started this blog as more or less a supplement to my website. Now I am hating that idea. Why would I want to re-write the content of my website on a blog...duh. Dumb idea. And, more to the point - who the heck would want to read it?

So now I find myself writing about a lot of personal stuff ( see blog post from Sunday). I am definitely passionate about that. But I am also passionate about my industry, my clients and the trends that are causing such a "twitter" (pun intended) in the media world.

So here's the deal - a compromise is in order...a little of this....a little of that - how does that sound?
I'm going to talk about -


Those are two of my favorite people...My husband, Ken and our son Chase...I have recently had a major attitude shift, an epiphany of sorts. I am so grateful for this and owe it largely to the sweet little old couple that walk silently, hand in hand, in my neighborhood.  They don't look a day under 90! I was lamenting one morning, as I watched them slowly trudge up our hill, about not having "that" - I decided then and there that THAT was what marriage was supposed to be, dammit, and I wasn't getting it! Then I went down my "what I'm not getting" list and made a mental check next to a whole bunch of stupid petty (seemingly HUGE) items...

I began to cry - not because I was sad about that stupid list, but because I suddenly realized that I wasn't SUPPOSED to have what they had...We hadn't earned it yet! Ken and I have long passed through that "you totally ROCK" phase of our relationship - you know, the phase when all the shit that drives me nuts now was so cute and endearing then. That lovely time when I just couldn't get enough of him....Oh ya, those days are long gone! I realized, standing at my kitchen window, the elderly couple now long gone, that Ken and I are in the "business" phase of our relationship. We are in the business of raising children, raising our businesses, managing a household, a social calendar and our shared responsibilities to our parents and siblings....I thought about who else I could be business partners with and the realization that there truly isn't a soul on this planet that I could manage all of this so well with hit me like a ton of bricks.


Suddenly my list was stupid and embarrassing! I couldn't wait to tell Ken how much I appreciated him and how grateful I am that he is my partner. In my mind this new attitude removed all the pressure of nurture, sex, passion, of us. That's not the phase we are in! We are business partners! Hooray!
(Interestingly , he has never been more attractive (okay, HOT), smart, funny and loving....weird how that worked, huh?)

It's been 3 months since that moment in my kitchen and I feel the same right now as I did that day. Ken and I have never been better. We both take time to appreciate the roles we take, the contributions we make and the goodness inside of each of us.

I haven't seen the couple since (odd)  - Perhaps they were just angels sent to save me from my ungrateful self.

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