Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fridays At Five

We are at Lucky Noodle this week and I am really looking forward to it. Nothing like blowing off a little steam at the end of the week with fabulous, hard working, dedicated business folk. I especially love that we are coming together to help each other - it's the most positive experience in my week. I really hope this group thrives and we can starting sharing our successes! Large or Small!
On a side note, I am encouraging everyone to pop over to 5th street at some point before going home on Friday - They are lighting the trees and our dear friends and amazing super women at NextStep Recycling are launching The Kith n' Kin Project with their very own decorated tree! We must support them. Kith n' Kin is all about recycling and refurbishing your old unwanted technology and redistributing to children in our community (AKA "Kith") who would otherwise not have access to this critical medium. Research has shown that kids who have access to technology are WAY more successful than those who don't. Our kids are our future (I know, I know - so cliche - but ain't it true?!).....
See you Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! What Denise didn't tell you, in her infinite wonderfulness, is that she donated her time and talents to create the adorable logo featured on her blog--for the Kith 'n Kin Project.
Thank you, Denise!