Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lorraine Kerwood

There are so many times where I am moved to tears....sometimes it's a bit embarrassing - for instance, I have been known to cry at Safeway openings (new jobs and fresh produce has that affect). The truth is, I'm an emotionally connected woman - emotionally connected to my work, my love, my family, my clients, my friends and occasionally a reality show or two. I can't help it...It's just who I am. However there are also truly fabulous moments that not only move me to tears but stick with me forever. I believe I experienced one of those today when Lorraine Kerwood was awarded the Woman Business Leader of the Year Award. The nominees and finalists were amazing - truly women I look up to. But Lorraine is one of those individuals who is so focused on others and on her mission that during her acceptance speech she actually used that platform to recruit from a room of 158 business owners - She asked us to create a mentoring program. You had to be there. Fabulous.
Congratulations, Lorraine. Well deserved. Well done.
Please go to Youtube and search nextStep recycling and watch Lorraine's story as documented by the Vovlo Hero award.

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