Thursday, January 8, 2009

First things first: Fridays at Five this week (1/9) is at Noli's Italian Cafe (located at 5th street Market. See you there!

Now....Is the sky really falling???

I think not. There are some sound strategies out there for marketing through a recession -
I hate to beat a horse to death (really, how gross and inhumane) but here are some tips for yu:
  1. Analyze your efforts. What is working, what isn't? Do more of what's working and eliminate what isn't.
  2. Ensure strategies are integrated and measurable. If they aren't, you have the wrong people doing your marketing. Replace them. And if that person is you, get it together or outsource it. For marketing to succeed, it must feature a strategic plan that integrates marketing tools to maximize success and that measures everything being done.
  3. Ensure that marketing is a long-term effort. Starting and stopping, doing a little here and a little there, is a failed policy. You might as well host a company BBQ and burn money instead of charcoal.
  4. Get a steady hand on marketing and make sure it is working every day of every month of every year. And measure, measure, measure, revise, revise, revise.
Please let me know your thoughts ont his subject - give your tips to the audience and don't forget to join us online or in person at Fridays at Five!
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